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  • Sharpening for Landscape Photography Video Tutorial

Sharpening for Landscape Photography Video Tutorial


Sharpening a photo is a way to put a finishing touch and make each photo look amazing at any size, yet so many photographers skip this step or don't know how to sharpen effectively.


In this tutorial video series, you'll learn about all three types of sharpening: Capture sharpening, creative sharpening, and export sharpening. You'll also learn multiple ways to creatively sharpen a photo in Photoshop, and how to sharpen only select parts of your photo.


Lastly, you'll learn how I sharpen for print two different ways. I explain how to size up an image for a large print, as well as how to sharpen that sized up image.


This tutorial contains 45+ minutes of content.

  • Upon purchase, you will receieve a link to the download in your email. This link will expire in 30 days. Download size is about 400mb. Please be sure to be connected to a strong internet connection prior to downloading. 

    No refunds are available. This is a digital product, and all sales are final.

    Videos are delivered in .mp4 files. If you have issues opening the videos, there is troubleshooting instructions in the ZIP file. You can contact me at if you need assistance. 

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