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  • Photoshop Masterclass for Landscape Photographers - Beginner Level

Photoshop Masterclass for Landscape Photographers - Beginner Level


This is the Beginner Level of the Photoshop Masterclass for Landscape Photographers. 


In just over two hours, the beginner level will introduce you to Photoshop as if you'd never used it before, starting from the basics, and working up to basic techniques for landscape photography editing. This tutorial is perfect for someone who has used Lightroom before, but never quite made the jump to Photoshop. After the 9 video lessons and 1 walkthough image, you'll have the necessary skills to begin editing your photo in Photoshop. 


This tutorial comes with my Photoshop Workspace available for you to install, allowing you to use the exact same setup with only the tools you need on the screen. Photoshop has hundreds of tools, but the workspace narrows them down so that you only have to look through the tools on the screen that you actually need.


This tutorial can be purchased seperatly from the Advanced Level of the Photoshop Masterclass, but I recommend purchasing both together. This tutorial helps lay the foundation and get you going in Photoshop, while the advanced level shows you all of my tips and techniques.


*This file is 575mb, and it is recommended to download on a computer. Be sure you have a stable internet connection when you begin the download.

  • - Photoshop Basics (installing and understanding the workspace)

    - Basic Adjustment Layers

    - Layers and Layer Masks

    - Useful Layer Masking Tools

    - Adobe Camera RAW

    - Healing Tools

    - Photoshop Plugins

    - Basic Sharpening and Noise Reduction

    - One Full Walkthrough Video & More

  • This beginner course is perfect for a photographer that wants to learn how to take full control of their processing workflow. Someone who has little to no experience in Photoshop will find this course extremely useful. If this is you, consider bundling this course with the Photoshop Masterclass for Landscape Photographers Advanced Course. With these two videos combined, you'll go from Photoshop novice to having knowledge of all the tools you'll need to edit your images like a pro.

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