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7 Great Camera Accessories for Landscape Photographers

Over the years, I've slowly acquired different items that aid me in taking great landscape photographs. While your camera, lenses and tripod are obvious must-have items, there are a variety of smaller, cheaper accessories that will help you in one way or another. After all, if you've spent thousands on camera equipment, it's worth it to spend a couple hundred more on accessories that will make your life easier when out in the field.

In this blog post, I'll be talking about 7 of my favorite camera accessories that I use frequently. Simply click on the product name to view the accessory on Amazon.

lens filter

Lens Filters

Camera filters are so important to have when you're out shooting. Many of the effects offered by certain filters are effects that cannot be easily replicated in post processing, Most notably, I find myself using my Circular Polarizer on many of my photos, especially when they involve the forest or any kind of water. I've got a whole blog post on camera filters, which you can read here.

mindshift filter nest mini

Filter Nest Mini

This is a great product to have to store those camera filters. The mini fits 4 filters (more if you screw the filters together) and keeps them protected with a small amount of padding. This filter nest works great to throw it in your bag, and it'll protect your filters from breaking. It's important to note that this is for circular filters. You can get a larger filter nest if you have more filters that you need to store.

think tank memory card case

Memory Card Case

Keeping your memory cards protected is very important, and I recently picked up this memory card case to do just that. It holds 9 memory cards, which is nice for having lots of different sizes and speeds in the field. I find it especially useful when I am on road trips and can't upload and backup my memory cards frequently, so I have to keep grabbing a new memory card to continue to take photos.


Shutter Remote

A shutter remote is a great tool for shooting on a tripod. While many photographers use the two second or five second timer for tripod shooting, you can use a shutter remote to trigger the camera immediately without touching the camera itself. I love using my shutter remote on the coast, where I need to start my exposure at the perfect time to get the best water motion in my frame. Also, I love a shutter remote for taking Milky Way photos. Often times, I'll want to shoot 8 frames of the same composition. The shutter remote allows me to put in 8 frames, and it will trigger off 8 frames back to back, meaning I don't have to keep clicking the shutter button.

Be sure to get the correct shutter remote for your camera. The link above is a shutter remote for Sony mirrorless camera's but you can easily find the correct shutter remote by searching your camera + shutter remote.


Lens Cap Leashes

One of the most underrated products there is! I love my lens cap leashes for keeping my lens cap in front of my lens. Basically, the leash has one end that is sticky, which you'll put on the lens cap, and then the other end is elastic, which goes around the lens. When you take the lens cap off, you let it hang right below the lens. This helps me stay organized and not have to dig around trying to figure out where I put my lens cap when I am done shooting. I see so many people with their camera lens and no lens cap, which runs you at a huge risk of damaging the glass on your lens. Grab these lens cap leashes and you'll never lose a lens cap again!


Camera Cube

Once you have all of that photography gear, how are you going to organize it? I love this camera cube from Peak Design, as it allows for quick and easy access to your camera through a side compartment, without requiring the whole cube be taken out of your backpack. They have multiple sizes to accommodate for any amount of gear. This is a great way to turn any backpack into a camera backpack.


Rocket Blower

Most photographers already have one of these, but if you don't, you need to get one! Before I use a lens cloth, I always try and move any dust spots on my lens with a rocket blower first. Basically, this is just blowing air on the lens, rather than wiping something off with a lens cloth. This is also the easiest way to remove dust from inside the sensor. It is not advisable to wipe your sensor with a lens cloth, so using a rocket blower can help get rid of any dust that may have gotten to the sensor.


If you have some extra money, these accessories can help you become more efficient when out taking photos. While not totally necessary, all of these things help you in some way, and they're all items that I personally use. Hopefully this guide helps you find the right accessories to add to your pack!