Mt. Rainier After Dark

Friday, August 6th, 2021 - Sunday, August 8th, 2021


Mt. Rainier is a photographers paradise When the flowers begin to Bloom in August. In this short, weekend long workshop, learn how to take amazing photos of the Milky Way.

This 3 day, 2 night workshop is perfect for someone interested in learning everything you need to know to create amazing shots of the Milky Way. The focus of this workshop is on getting great images of the Milky Way, but we may also have some time to explore around the mountain for other great compositions at sunset or sunrise. You won't believe how many wildflowers surround the mountain meadows until you see it!

Whether the skies are clear or cloudy, you'll walk away with images that you're proud of. We'll have one post processing session where you can learn all of the tips, trips, and workflows to create amazing Milky Way shots.

Price: $995 ($250 due at registration)

This is the price of guiding fees only. It is important to note that Austin James Jackson LLC is not responsible for your lodging or travel to each location. $250 is due at the time of registration to hold your spot. The remaining balance of the workshop must be paid no later than 30 days prior to the first day of the workshop. If you fail to do so, your spot in the workshop may be lost, and you will not recieve a refund.

Should you need to cancel your attendance to the workshop, the down payment can be refunded within 120 days of the start of the workshop, minus a small processing fee. After 120 days before the workshop, the down payment is non-refundable.

Difficulty: Easy

This workshop will involve some hiking on dirt trails that have a slight incline. If you are physically fit and capable of walking 1-2 miles a day, you will have no problem in this workshop.

If you have any concerns about your fitness level for this workshop, please contact me.

Group Size: 6 Students

This workshop is limited to 6 students. This workshop is open to all skill levels, so I expect that each student will need help directly catered to them, and most instruction will be individual, rather than as a group. This allows me to successfully teach both beginners, intermediates, and aspiring pros all in the same workshop!

Recommended Skill Level:

My clients have a wide range of skills all the way from beginner to experienced semi-professional. This workshop is open to clients of all skill levels, and I teach each student as much information as they are able to digest in a short weekend. I find that by limiting my workshops to 6 students, no one feels held back by someone who may not learn as fast as others. I'll teach each student as much as you're able to handle in our time together!

What Will Be Covered:


- Both wide angle and telephoto compositions will be discussed.

Milky Way Photography

- Both in the field and in post processing there are certain things we need to do differently when shooting after dark. I'll be teaching you my whole process in order to create amazing images of the night sky.

- How to shoot Milky Way panoramas


- We will discuss what apps I use for predicting weather, as well as what kind of weather creates the best conditions. We will also talk about what subjects to shoot when the light is less than ideal.

Camera Settings

- How to properly expose every photo and how to read the histogram.


Focus Stacking and Bracketing

- Overcoming the limitations of the camera to create perfectly exposed and in focus images from front to back.



- We will mostly just use Lightroom as a way to store photos.



- All of the magic happens here. I'll be teaching you my whole workflow.


Adding Light and Glow to a Scene


Dodging and Burning


Luminosity Masks

Much More!

What You Need to Bring:

  • DSLR/Mirrorless Camera

  • ​Tripod (the sturdier, the better)

  • Lenses covering a wide range of focal lengths​

  • Proper clothing (rain jacket, warm clothes, hiking boots)

  • Laptop with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom installed

  • Camera batteries, chargers, extra memory cards

  • A good attitude and willingness to learn!


Friday, August 6th -

We'll meet around 6pm on the east side of Mt. Rainier, have a brief chat, and then head out to our location to prepare for sunset and the Milky Way. Usually, we won't be done shooting Milky Way until 1 or 2am, so prepare for a late night!


Saturday, August 7th -

If weather conditions look favorable, we may head out for sunrise. If not, we will rest up, and spend the afternoon processing our photos from the night before. We will head out in the evening for another sunset and Milky Way shoot.

Sunday, August 8th -

If weather conditions look favorable, we may head out for sunrise. If not, we will rest up, and again spend time processing. Today is all about you editing your images, with my help! The processing session will last a good portion of the day, and then we will say our final "see-you-laters!" and head our separate ways.

What's Included:

  • Guiding. As an expert and someone who frequently travels this, I will be sharing my knowledge on locations, taking you to the place where I believe there to be the most favorable weather conditions for photography.

  • Post Processing Sessions. One of the processing sessions will give you the opportunity to watch and take notes, while the other will be focused on your editing your images with my help. The processing sessions will be recorded so you can view them later, after the workshop.

  • Instruction. I will be instructing the group as a whole, but there will be plenty of one on one time during both the sessions in the field as well as the classroom sessions. 

  • Lifetime access to my exclusive alumni Facebook group. Here, you can get weekly image critique from Austin, as well as talk to other alumni.

What's Not Included:

  • Lodging. This workshop does not include lodging. Upon signup, you'll receive a form detailing my recommended lodging or camping options in the area. Austin James Jackson LLC takes no responsibility of your lodging.

  • Transportation. Transportation is not included in any way. However, I can connect workshop participants if multiple people are interested in carpooling. This workshop will have some offroad travel on washboarded dirt roads. However, these roads are passable in most any passenger car, and AWD/4WD or high clearance is usually not necessary, but is recommended. If you're worried about transportation, you'll be connected with others in the workshop months in advance, where you can arrange a carpool. Austin James Jackson LLC takes no responsibility of your transportation.

  • Meals. Meals are not included. It is the responsibility of you, the participant, to bring all necessary snacks and meals. 


​Austin is certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR by NOLS should an injury or accident come up. However, most accidents can be prevented by wearing the right clothes and proper footwear. My workshops are all in compliance with the State of Oregon, and I am a registered Oregon Outfitter Guide.


I take your safety very seriously, and the overall safety of the group will also be brought into consideration when choosing which locations we will be shooting.

Trip and Gear Insurance:

I highly recommend getting both trip and gear insurance for any of my workshops. One simple fall and all of your camera gear may be ruined. As a reminder, Austin James Jackson LLC takes no responsibility for the wellbeing of your gear and will not cover any damages or losses.


Trip insurance is recommended by chance that something comes up and you cannot make the workshop. Because of the nature of a being a small business, Austin James Jackson LLC does not offer refunds.

Testimonials & Student Images:

"This was my first time attending a photography workshop and will not be my last. Austin is amazing when it comes to communicating what to expect, patient with instruction of 5 individuals, and scouting the best locations in the area. The price was the first thing to draw me to this workshop in Utah. But after experiencing this trip for myself, its value to me is substantially more than what it was priced at. Austin really took the time to make sure everyone was getting the most out of their time spent there. Whether it was on location shooting or in the house editing. Austin was absolutely present with each person to make sure questions were being answered and techniques were being applied. He gave us all the space to get the shot we wanted, not one he chose for us. This was where I was most impressed. I seen Austin many times run up sandy hills or up and down steep rocks just to make sure everyone was getting time with him. He never neglected anyone. He made us all feel like we were on the same level, no matter our skill level. In the end, we all went our separate ways feeling accomplished and more confident than we had arrived. Austin made sure we left with at least two images that we felt great about how the post edit came out.  To conclude, book now if you can!"

- Derek H.  (Kentucky)

"I recently attended a small group workshop on the Southern Oregon coast with Austin. During our three night course Austin walked us through his philosophy and technique for composing, exposing and shooting sunset, sunrise and, best of all, Milky Way skies. Shooting with Austin was a great experience as he is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject but also a great communicator, motivator and a willing teacher. The class was informal and shaped to our goals and preferences. Locations were top notch and Austin had the timing and spots nailed for the shoots. Best of all was our post-processing session where Austin showed us how to take our photos from the camera to wall-print worthy in just one afternoon. If you want to expand your knowledge on shooting the night sky and do it hanging with one of the coolest guys I've meet, Austin is your guy."

- Tim G.

"Austin put together a simply amazing workshop. His willingness and ability to share about the entire process, from finding compositions, to assessing the conditions, to exposure settings, to thinking about post, and even what gear to use and why, was a ton of content that increased my skills exponentially in a very short time. Plus, the locations were gorgeous, and our group had a ton of fun together. Looking forward to the next workshop!"

- Andrew H.

"Wow!! Tons of information in Austin’s workshops. I highly recommend anyone from amateur to advanced photographers to take one of is workshops. He is vey knowledgeable in his craft and will not let you leave his workshop with any unanswered questions you may have. I will definitely be taking another one in the future. Thanks Dude for being an awesome and patient teacher!! Cheers"
-Dustin Beau Photography

"Austin's passion for photography and the outdoors is second to none. When I signed up for his workshop I thought I would learn a lot of new things and see some new places. What I didn't realize was how much fun I would have while doing it. Austin makes sure that you not only leave with incredible images, but guides you on how to find those compositions on your own so you can continue to do so even after the workshop is over. You'll leave with a whole new outlook on photography while taking your vision and creativity to a new level. I can't recommend his workshops enough, truly a great experience!"
-Shaun I

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