Instruction - Austin Jackson

Private Instruction

I offer one on one instruction in the field at nearly any location in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy teaching and sharing not only my knowledge of photography, but also my detailed knowledge of the area. Not only will you be receiving personalized in the field assistance and post processing help, but you'll also have the chance to learn about some of the most photogenic spots in the Pacific Northwest. All prices are subject to change depending on the location and special scenario's, but the listed prices are a good baseline to start with.

Offered in ALL Private Instruction packages:

- Scouting (I'll always scout the location before our shoot so I have a good idea of some composition ideas)

-  The option to choose your locations (I am happy to make recommendations!)

- Personalized post processing video from at least one image on the trip (Lightroom/Photoshop)

- Help with camera settings/composition

- Completely personalized lesson plan (I will make sure to teach you things you don't already know!)

Sunset or Sunrise Package

Sunset/Stars/Sunrise Package

All Day Package

- One single sunset or sunrise

- 1 personalized video processing an image from the trip


- Sunset shoot

- Stars/Milky Way

- Sunrise

- 2 personalized videos processing images from the night

- This package is generally an all night ordeal. If you want to shoot the night sky, but prefer to just learn to shoot the stars, contact me and let me know!

- $500

- Sunrise

- All day's worth of shooting

- Sunset

- 2 personalized video processing images from the day

- $400

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